Tuesday 27/9/2005


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Diary and Notes

I am starting to warm a little to Cambridge - I still think if I were a tourist on a one day visit I'd be a little disappointed but if you are here for a few days you start to see the charm of the place.

I got a chance to look around this afternoon and to my absolute delight noticed that there were loads and loads of really good cake shops. Cambridge may not be much cop for Sunday night entertainment (but then most places aren't really) but it is quite one of the best places in Britain to buy something sweet. The backstreets are littered with little patisseries, bakeries and chocolatiers - heaven. I was almost spoilt for choice.

One other really great thing about Cambridge is that they have the biggest conkers in the world. I found an absolute beast of a specimen and will be saving it for the ritual baking and then soaking in vinegar to make myself king conker and smash all other conkers in my way when I next set up a conker competition (see 21/10/2004). Be warned, King Conker is coming for you!


A note on today's dinner. Once again I opted for the vegetarian option - all other avenues at the college canteen having been previously exhausted. The stuffed mushrooms I had were more stuff than shroom. The mushrooms were covered in what seemed to be stuffing from a packet - and not even Paxo or one of your other 'quality' brands neither - more Asda own label discount cheapo. The sauce was a realy coup. It looked exactly like yesterday's parsley sauce and when I jokingly said to the guy serving that I thought they'd just reheated yesterday's left overs he got quite irate and said they hadn't and this sauce was different. It did taste exactly like yesterday's sauce and had an extra thick skin on top to back up my argument. Aah canteen food, if only every dinner were as grand as this.

Cake Blog

German Cherry Cake: From Trockle Ullman and Freunde - a German café and cake shop on the edge of town. The café wasn't posh or overly snooty but had some excellent home made cakes. Top Hole Jeeves!


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