Birth, Death and the Spinning Wheel of Life

Friday 2/9/2005

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Diary and Notes

It's all go today, a little micro existence in a single day, what jolly fun.

After a pretty exciting day at work where I proved the existence of Higgs-Bosons*, found an analytical solution for the nonlinear time dependent Schrödinger equation and solved Hilbert's sixteenth problem, I went around my old chum Laurie's for drinks and nosh. We strolled into Whalley Range to a new bar I've never been to before and were happily slurping German beer and discussing nerdy things like computers when, quite rudely and without any concern for our evening's drinking session I thought, his partner Rachel went into labour and they had to dash off to the hospital in their two seater Smart car, leaving me to order a take away curry and drink all their booze alone. How very inconsiderate!

So that's the birth part dealt with.

I strolled into Chorlton thinking I'd get a curry from my old favourite the Nehmat Kadah but to my horror the place was gone, scarpered, vamooshed, bankrupt. Yes, it is a sad story but all thing must die, even curry houses, and considering how atrocious the service had become here recently it wasn't really much of a surprise. They are building a saté and noodle bar in its place now - much more 'Chorlton' I suppose. I wont go there however out of respect for the dead (and because I think noodle bars are generally crap).

So instead I went to the Rasoi, which is nearby also. The strange thing about the Rasoi is that it's the first place I had a curry in Manchester, back in 1989. I used to come here quite a bit when I first arrived in the big city many years ago. I don't think I've been here for about 15 years and apart from being a lot cleaner and having a few chairs to sit on while you wait, it's exactly the same.

So I ordered a few things (enough for Laurie and Rachel to get a bite if it was all a false alarm) and sat in front of the box watching the Simpsons.

My curry was very good - not as spicy as I'd have expected, especially as one dish was chilli chicken, but on the whole it was a very nice curry indeed. The lamb takka-tak was probably invented to compete with the Nehmat Kadah's lamb cutta-cut and will no doubt be off the menu pretty soon to be replaced by lamb noodle-doodle or lamb satty-saté or some other bollocks.

That said, for a take away in the Chorotlon/Whalley Range area I'd choose the Rasoi any day, and the whole lot was only £18.00.

And if you are wondering, it wasn't a false alarm but they sent Rachel home until the morning anyway.

*I found a small lump of them growing on a piece of stale cheese


Rasoi Indian take Away: 170 manchester Road, M16 0DZ

Tel: 01618617153

Cake Blog

Coconut Mushrooms: What with all the rushing about I didn't get much chance to eat any cakes, except my chum Laurie had some coconut mushrooms in his car which I ate. Though more of a sweet than a cake I am sure that you'll make allowances this once - and sweets do actually count under the rules anyway. I promise to get a really good cake tomorrow to make amends.


  • Chilli Chicken
  • Lamb Takka-Tak
  • Vegetable Biriani
  • Tarka Daal
  • Roti (3)


    *All quantities are very approximate and for a single person