The Hurricane

Saturday 3/9/2005

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Diary and Notes

There's some party thingy going on at my house tonight and it's all a bit confusing. A friend of my housemates is having a birthday bash here and has invited all sorts of undersirables over. It's a fancy dress affair and people have made quite an effort to look good - there's a policeman, Achilles, two Dorothy's, a wicked witch, a greek goddess, Black Adder, Fred Flintsone and Wilma, a gangster, John Lennon and Paul McArtney and a host of others. I thought I'd join in the fun and did a fairly good impresison of Osama Bin-Laden. I had a turban, kurda, beard and sandals and even managed to find a plastic life sized AK-47 for a quid in Levenshulme. I'm not sure how PC it is selling toy AK-47s to children, especially in a shop frequented mainly by people of Pakistani descent, but considering I'm going to a party dressed as Osama Bin Laden who am I to complain?

One other interesting note: A friend of ours, Aimee, who is in the American armed forces couldn't attend (being in America marching up and down with an M-16 as she is). She sent a small box containing a 'make your own Aimee' kit, including a real US army shirt, beret, medals and a photo of her head to stick on a balloon to make an effigy. It was actually quite an unnerving thing indeed, and was still in our dining room went I set off to work this morning. Aimee's parents live in Biloxi and their house is no longer there, having been completely destroyed by hurricane Katrina. They were lucky enough to get out before the storm hit, if you can call yourself lucky after having had your house blown over.

Anyway, food.

The party was a catered affair, in so much as Chris from next door had made a load of lasagne, chilli con carne and garlic bread. I've already had lasagne on my blog and am planning some chilli competition thing later in the year so both these were no good. To make up for the lack of new things I decided to use a little chilli and make chilli dogs. Hot dogs with chilli on - what better party food can there be?

Some years ago I went to pinks hot dog stand in LA, the place where chilli dogs were invented. I have quite an affinity with these tasty little things and am a firm believer in using good quiality frankfurters (Herta in this case), loads of fried onions, some saurkraut, French's American mustard and Heinz ketchup - each ingredient being an integral part of the experience. Sadly I couldn't get saurkraut anywhere so had to do without.

Not a back chilli dog though. Chris's chilli was a bit milder than I'd have liked, but it was top quality otherwise. I munched a few chilli dogs and then got steaming drunk and tried to chat up a very attractive woman dressed as a houswife from Confessions of a Milkman. Sadly Noel Coward (her hudband) wasn't playing along and kept hanging around, ruining my chances. Robin Askwith never had this trouble did he?

Cake Blog

Selfidges Chocolate Block Cake: I said I'd get something good to make amends for yesterday and how much better can you get than Selfidges. Of course it wasn't cheap, not even nearly cheap, but is was quite tasty. I bought a cake for tomorrow as well, I wont be shopping in Selfridges too often as I am not Imelda Marcos.


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