I'm Wasting Away Here

Monday 5/9/2005

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Diary and Notes

It's half past nine and I still haven't eaten - in fact, I don't know if I will. The stress (and hunger) is starting to show, I'm pacing up and down the room, I'm chewing my fingers, I'm weeping and wailing mournfully like an irish banshee out under the lonely moon.

The plan was to be going out for a posh dinner with my chum Laurie to celebrate his new born bairn - unfortunately he seems to have gotten a bit delayed. He was supposed to arrive at just after 8.00 - but the clock is ticking and we will be lucky to get to eat at the snooty Didsbury restaurant if he doesn't hurry up.

Tick tick tick... the pendulum swings back and forth, renching at my hungry belly with each mechanical tock.

And here he is... relief at last.

Unfortunately it was a little too late to be heading out for a seven course extravaganza and the plans were changed hurridly to getting a Chinese takeaway - oh what unbridled joy.

In fact it was pretty good. There's a fairly decent old style Chinese restaurant in Chorlton the New Mai Wah which has been serving up the classics; chop suey, sweet and sour and Chinese curry, for at least 15 years (and that's almost a century in Chorlton years). I think after so long they should rename it the Mai Wah, especially as there's no Old Mai Wah nearby to be comparing yourself to, I'll point this out the next time I eat there - maybe they'll give me a free meal for being so inciteful.

So it was me and Laurie eating a Chinese takeaway in front of the telly and drinking 1664 out of cans. I could almost hear the theme tune to Men Behaving Badly in the background as I opened the tins. Hold on 1986 - here we come.


New Mai Wah: 485-487 Barlow Moor Road, Chorlton-Cum-Hardy, Manchester

0161 881 8486

Cake Blog

Chocolate Vienese Cake: Before I came to Chorlton in the evening, I went into Chorlton to the Barbakan Deli to buy some polish sausage to make a giant pot of bigos some day soon. While I was there I bought a couple of very excellent cakes. This one wasn't bad at all - crumbly, sweet and chocolaty through and through.


  • Chicken Wings in OK Sauce
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  • Szechuan Style Fish
  • Beef in Satay Sauce
  • Noodles
  • Egg Fried Rice