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Wednesday 7/9/2005

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Diary and Notes

...begins with a pint of beer.

It's a well known fact.

This now well established scientific theory was originally discovered by the two famous Nobel prize winning physicists; Fibtale and Bullshine in 1974. It was of course first postulated by the two whilst sitting in their favourite pub in Cambridge drinking a pint of beer - I seem to recall from my undergraduate history of mathematics lectures that the beer in question was Double Diamond, although one of them, Fibtale, being from County Wexford in Eire, was known to have a pint of the black stuff now and again.

Of course some amendments to the original hypothesis have occurred since then. The great French mathematician Henri Le-Menteur proved it was possible to amend a scientific theory whilst drinking wine, whilst drinking wine in a bar in Paris, although he also found one cannot form an original theory on wine alone.

Johannes Flunkerei, the famed German Philosopher, attempted to prove that drinking litres of beer led to theories of a more general nature, stating that Einstein's special theory of relativity was arrived at after drinking a pint of Boddington's whilst visiting U.M.I.S.T. and that the general theory of relativity arrived after a litre stein of Erdinger Weissbier drunk in Tübingen.

It was later discovered that Flunkerei was actually completely drunk and had invented his results.

So if you are wondering why the restaurants and bars just North of Manchester University are always full of nerdy science types slurping down pints of IPA and Black Sheep, remember we are actually hard at work, considering complex theories of the universe and trying to broaden mankind's understanding of nature - the beer itself is merely a tool used to assist in our work, like a pencil or a computer - any pleasure we derive from the drinking of such beer is purely the joy we get from our work and any inebriation we may feel is nothing more than that we are drunk on the beauty of life, seen through the keen eye of reason.


Today's dinner was at Manchester finest Thai restaurant: The Siam Orchid 54 Portland Street.

I have been here before on my blog (see 7/6/2005) and once again wasn't disappointed. The soup wasn't spicy but was creamy and tasty (wasn't spicy if you didn't bite the red chilli that is) and the beef had an excellent melt in the mouth texture. The fish was slightly sweet and sour - excellent, top marks once again. And if you think that going to the same restaurant is going to give me a similar meal, just compare the photos - very different indeed.

Cake Blog

Mini Rhubarb Crumble: From Ray's Bakers near to where I work. It was still warm when I bought it. Very good filling, still a little sharp and plenty of fruit.


  • Chicken and Coconut Soup

  • Steamed Fish with Sour Plums
  • Thai Stir Fried Beef
  • Coconut Rice